Sr Mary-Lynne Cochrane

I have suffered with chronic pain for 35 years. I have had multiple surgeries, 22 altogether whic include three hip replacements, two knee replacements, three spinal surgeries, and a bone transplant. I have had other surgeries on my ankles, wrists, shoulder, and for snapped tendons on small joints. I suffer with chronic joint, back and nerve pain. In 2013 I decided to try reducing the pain medications which were making me feel worse. I wanted to try and manage my pain in another way with physio, Pilates, yoga, diet, exercise, mindfulness and meditation which I learnt at Greenwich Pain Clinic. This clinic showed how pain works and all of these methods helped me reduce the intensity of my pain. In 2014 I connected with Chronic Pain Australia and with their help pursued a physio clinic that could work with me in helping set my goals. On 1 July 2017 after three years of rehab I achieved my major goal of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge!!…

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Mr Anthony Ackroyd

Anthony Ackroyd is one of Australia’s most successful stand up comics and comedy writers. He is currently one of the stars of ABC’s Thank God It’s Friday!, the top rating radio comedy show in Australia. In his stellar career as a stand up comic he has produced laughter live in front of audiences ranging in number from a private party of 10 to 110,000 at Stadium Australia. Anthony rose to prominence as a star of ABC TV’s legendary comedy series The Big Gig and has performed and written for hundreds of Australian and international TV shows, radio programmes, and feature films (he’s even been a question on Wheel Of Fortune!). He now teaches people how to use humour and laughter to create more happiness, energy and success in all areas of life. Anthony's work is recognised worldwide and he has received the ultimate validation of his expertise, an endorsement on Oprah Winfrey’s website.…

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Dr Caroline West

Dr Caroline West is a GP, Managing Director of East Sydney Doctors and is one of Australia’s best-known media doctors. Caroline has a special interest in lifestyle medicine and wellness and is the past president of The Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Her areas of expertise include nutrition, stress management, work life balance, chronic pain, healthy lifestyle behavioural changes, mental health, sleep, exercise and preventative medicine. She is a leader in this field and communicates the latest in medical advances not only to her patients but also to a broader audience through her work as a media doctor, health broadcaster, corporate speaker and consultant. As a TV media doctor she is currently a regular on The Project and ABC The Drum . She has been a presenter and producer on programs including Beyond 2000, Good Medicine, George Negus Tonight, 60 Minutes and Beyond Tomorrow. She lives in Sydney with her husband and children. In her spare time, Caroline loves playing the ukulele and singing disco covers.…

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Mr Michael Ackroyd

Michael is a musician and filmmaker currently in the midst of a Fine Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in writing. Michael has been suffering from chronic facial pain for over a year. It is currently unclear as to what is causing his pain, and this uncertainty has been one of the most challenging aspects of his pain journey so far. Michael is however eager to find the good in his predicament and learn all he can from it, so that perhaps in the future the experience and knowledge he gains may in some way be of benefit to others.…

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Dr Coralie Wales

Coralie Wales is the founder and current President of Chronic Pain Australia, the first ever organisation standing up for Australians in pain. In this role since 2006 Dr Wales has worked to build a societal understanding of the consumer experience of illness and disability. She has conceived and executed many national and online consumer-driven campaigns to strengthen the partnership between provider and consumer of healthcare services. …

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Ms Fiona Hodson

Fiona is  a Pain Management Clinical Nurse Consultant with the Hunter Integrated Pain Service NSW, Australia. Fiona is currently President of the Australian Pain Society as well as board member of Chronic Pain Australia (CPA). She has worked in all aspects of pain service delivery. She was the Pain Project Officer for the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Pain Management Network, which culminated in the launch of the Pain Network website March 2014 and remains an active member on the pain network executive and working parties.…

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Dr Blake Dear

Blake is a National Health and Medical Research Council Early Career Fellow and Co- Director of the Macquarie eCentreClinic. He is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Research Fellow, Clinical Psychologist, Co-Director of the eCentreClinic ( and a Core Project Team member of the MindSpot Clinic ( The eCentreClinic is a not-for-profit specialist research unit that develops, evaluates and implements innovative treatment programs, which aim to improve access, for both clinicians and consumers, to evidence-based care. …

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Dr Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes has a background in anaesthesia before undertaking training as a pain medicine specialist. He works in Newcastle NSW and has been Director of Hunter Integrated Pain Service since its foundation in 1997. He is a current board member of the Faculty of Pain Medicine and has just completed a stint as medical co-chair of the Agency for Clinical Innovation's Pain Network in NSW. His interests include a "whole person" approach to pain and the redesign of health systems to achieve greater integration between community and primary levels and the specialist sector. Outside of medicine he is an obsessional trail runner and part-time sea kayaker.…

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Professor Michael Nicholas

Professor Michael Nicholas is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Pain Education and Pain Management Programs at the Pain Management Research Institute, University of Sydney, at Royal North Shore Hospital. He has a national and international reputation in the field of pain, as a clinician, researcher and educator, with over 170 publications and most recently as Co-Chair of the ACI Pain Network in NSW.

This presentation will provide an overview of the open-access resources the ACI-Pain Network has created for those living with pain, and their health care providers. It will include recent developments in the provision of services for people of CALD and Aboriginal backgrounds, as well as the pain management outcomes that have been achieved across NSW over the last 4 years.…

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Dr Alister Ramachandran

Dr Alister Ramachandran is an internationally trained specialist in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine. He has been extensively trained in the fields of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine in various healthcare systems; India, UK & Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

Dr Ramachandran was awarded dual specialist qualifications in the field of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine in both Australia and Ireland. He has a special interest in the Interventional Pain Medicine and has completed the World Institute of Pain certification (FIPP); which is the highest level of accreditation in the field of interventional pain management.…

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