What she’s working on: Started 2014 getting myself fit and flexible to walk the Harbour Bridge with my physio, setting this goal has made a difference in looking ahead instead of dealing with my pain in the moment. Attending Bounce Rehab twice weekly and using their facilities with the Physio, Nutritionist and Pilates. Most of all working on being grateful for what's good in my life while managing my pain. This group of people arranged a home plan that I could follow that only costs my time in doing the exercises and pain relief methods. They give me practical steps to reduce pain and address its physical, psychological and spiritual impacts.


What worries her most: Coping with flare ups. Getting older with chronic pain. People’s perception of people with Chronic Pain and seeing opioids as first call in dealing with Chronic Pain. Not enough coverage for the alternative in dealing with Chronic pain with Medical insurances and Medicare. Everyone’s pain is different and what may work for one does not necessarily work for another.


·       What would make things better: Filtered money into Pain Clinic and Physio rehab Clinics that provide the other methods/ approach and support.  Highlighting what is out there and making Chronic Pain Australia and ACI more of a public profile. There is so much talk about the alternatives to Opioids and some surgeries but if Medicare provided more than one care plan over 12 months would make things better. People suffering from Chronic pain can use these 5 visits provided by Medicare within 2 weeks if suffering from a Flare up.


·       What she hopes for: Hope that moving into the next part of my life I can continue to learn new ways reducing the intensity of my pain even more with less medications and surgeries. Being able to be more active and fit. That I can share with other people suffering Chronic Pain the strategies that have worked for me, just supporting them in their pain. Taking an active role in my dealing with chronic pain. That I control my pain,not pain controlling me. Working together we can all make a difference. Bridling up a support network around me that I can call on for help.



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